22 March 2014

Mandala X Black & Youtube Video

Topshop jumper
Motel Rocks mandala print skirt
Zara bucket bag
Nike air max 90 trainers
Casio gold watch
eBay Buda ring
Kukee midi ring
Kukee bird skull necklace

Hey y'all, some of you may have already seen my week in outfits video over on my channel but just in case you haven't, here it is! All outfits except the first have been featured on my blog here so sorry if it seems a little repetitive. Let me know which outfit is your favourite! I think I'll make more 'outfit diary' type videos, but maybe of just 3 looks at a time as it can get a little long. Agree?

As for this outfit, Motel had a 25% student discount offer going, and who can resist an extra 5% discount? Certainly not me! I've been wearing these air max trainers to death because although I love my other pair, I'm too scared to wear them out clubbing (yes I'm a trainer clubbing kinda gal) or to music events so these are the perfect pair plus they're so comfy and go with so many outfits. I've also been getting into silver jewellery more, collecting more so I can stack loads on my fingers and look like a gypsy. Also I'm fully aware how bobbly this jumper is, but it's just too much effort to pick all the little bits off!

I've got a 'get ready with me' video for this outfit/everyday makeup look coming up too!


  1. Loved the video, and that skirt is just really pretty! x


  2. you are so pretty
    -- www.kivnow.blogspot.com

  3. Love the print on your skirt! Pretty photos too.


  4. I just love your jumper so pretty :) also amazing youtube videos loved your haul and lookbooks xx


  5. Nice bog =) I also love shopping on ebay and getting bargains.

  6. You are so gorgeous ! I just found out about your blog, love your style ! Followed you via GFC !

  7. I love your style !
    And you're really beautiful !

    Follow me on GFC and/or BlogLovin', I always follow back (: ! X



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