22 March 2014

Mandala X Black & Youtube Video

Topshop jumper
Motel Rocks mandala print skirt
Zara bucket bag
Nike air max 90 trainers
Casio gold watch
eBay Buda ring
Kukee midi ring
Kukee bird skull necklace

Hey y'all, some of you may have already seen my week in outfits video over on my channel but just in case you haven't, here it is! All outfits except the first have been featured on my blog here so sorry if it seems a little repetitive. Let me know which outfit is your favourite! I think I'll make more 'outfit diary' type videos, but maybe of just 3 looks at a time as it can get a little long. Agree?

As for this outfit, Motel had a 25% student discount offer going, and who can resist an extra 5% discount? Certainly not me! I've been wearing these air max trainers to death because although I love my other pair, I'm too scared to wear them out clubbing (yes I'm a trainer clubbing kinda gal) or to music events so these are the perfect pair plus they're so comfy and go with so many outfits. I've also been getting into silver jewellery more, collecting more so I can stack loads on my fingers and look like a gypsy. Also I'm fully aware how bobbly this jumper is, but it's just too much effort to pick all the little bits off!

I've got a 'get ready with me' video for this outfit/everyday makeup look coming up too!

04 March 2014

Shearling Comforts

Shearling jacket
Topshop sheer flower top
Topshop rucksack
Topshop Joni jeans
Huf plant life socks
Nike air max 1 trainers
Casio watch

Bit of a Topshop heavy outfit, so apologies! I bought this jacket off a girl last week and I am in love. Real shearling, warm and gorgeous. Shame it's getting warmer now (my mum is right in saying I dress for winter in the summer and vice versa) but knowing England, it'll get colder again soon. I was just heading into uni so opted for a chilled outfit, all black. My boyfriend is up to visit for the week (and making me tea as we speak. I've trained him well) for our 3 year anniversary and a music event including the likes of Hannah Wants, Mak & Pasteman, Waze & Odyssey (for all you house/elecronic music lovers, give them a listen). Have a good week and I'll catch you later!

25 February 2014

Collared Up

Levi's vintage denim jacket
American Apparel fisherman jumper
Vintage shirt via Best
Topshop joni jeans
Dr Marten boots
Topshop satchel bag
Buda ring via eBay
Kukee midi ring

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the state of my nails (or singularly bad nail) not quite sure what was going on. Here's just a casual outfit that I wore to uni yesterday, another to be featured in an up and coming 'week in outfits' video. I decided to whack out my AA jumper as I haven't worn it in forever, it's absolutely huge and it's lost its shape a little over time which is quite upsetting (really should have gone for a small). It is also labelled as hand wash only which means I wear it even less as it's effort to clean it. If anyone knows whether it'll survive a washing machine trip please let me know! I've also given my hair a little trim as it was in pretty crap condition. There ends are still a little dip dyed but hopefully this trim will let it grow so I can chop the rest off. Note to self, never dye your hair again. I just get bored, we've all been there.

As for set up, let me know if you prefer this background or my poster background. Now I'm off to get started on an assignment! Oh, fun.
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